Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere without warning. Is your organization prepared? Whether it’s an earthquake, tornado, flood, severe weather, ice storm, snow emergency, fire, power outage, hazardous spill or simply an important message that needs to get out, our emergency mass notification solutions can help. Thousands of end users in leading organizations rely on Alerts Made Easy for our emergency alerting and critical communication needs.
Our solutions include:

Every company, regardless of size, experiences events that require rapid notification of employees, customers, partners and others. To ensure that your messages get out quickly and efficiently, you require a highly scalable and reliable notification solution to ensure safety and meet corporate disaster recovery compliance and business continuity planning requirements.
School campuses frequently need to alert thousands of students, their families, faculty and others when disasters strike. The only way to do that is by using a mass notification system that can cover all the bases. Alerts Made Easy works with many schools, all over the country at these mission critical

Using one system to communicate your messages saves you time and effort – No IT hassles, no misunderstood messages and no more reliance on phone trees or inefficient software to spread the word.
Having our incident communication system in place will minimize potential risks and losses and get you through the incident with minimal impact.
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Why Choose Alerts Made Easy?

Alerts Made Easy (AME) provides a web based interface to dispatch important alerts for businesses and schools nationwide. Utilizing text, phone, email and web, our original 4 in 1 incident communication system is perfect for quickly communicating important alerts, events and news to anyone in the world.

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Success Stories
We have been using Alerts Made Easy for over 4 years at our school and the return on investment was extremely quick. Not only do we use the system for school closings but we use it to promote events and fundraisers.  

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Alerts Made Easy (AME) provides a web based interface to dispatch important alerts for businesses and schools nationwide.