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Alerts Made Easy

Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere without warning. Is your organization prepared? Thousands of end users in leading organizations rely on Alerts Made Easy ® for our emergency alerting and critical communication needs.

  • Powerful enough to handle the largest companies needs
  • Simple enough to make messaging quick and easy
  • Affordable enough to fit even the smallest budgets
  • 100% Web-Based Service, No Hardware or Software to Install or Maintain
  • A fully redundant, 100% cloud based (SaaS) service

What We Do

AME accounts can be relied upon to protect, inform, and engage, their most valuable assets: their employees and customers. Here are a few examples of how our clients use our solution:


Keep your employees informed about emergency messages or simple updates in schedules.

Emergency Notifications

Office closings & weather alerts

Business Continuity

Implement your plan by sending messages quickly and effectively.

Customer Notification

Send personalized messages or appointment reminders.

Organizations We Serve





Property Management

Property Management


And More

Dispatch important texts, phone calls, emails, website alerts using Alerts Made Easy®.


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Alerts Made Easy ® (AME) provides a web based interface to dispatch important alerts for businesses and schools nationwide. Founded in 2005, Alerts Made Easy supports businesses across the country, improving their communications in critical times— sending voice, text and email messages to employees, students and customers, simultaneously. If you need a proven and reliable emergency communication solution, look no further than Alerts Made Easy. Take Your Business Communications to the Next Level.