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Features & Benefits of Our Emergency Notification Software

The innovative 4-in-1 communication system from Alerts Made Easy delivers command and control across your platform, ensuring that your team and your customers are reachable at a moment’s notice. Alerts Made Easy is the leading solution for timely communication because it is cost-effective, intuitive for all users, and provides key benefits to you and your business, such as:

  • Simple to deploy and easy to understand. Our web-based, mass notification system allows even the most non-technical users to create and send out timely messages. Our team is involved from the first step to ensure that you understand each component of the system and how to tailor it for the specific needs of your organization.

  • Entirely web-based with no additional components. You’ll be able to send your first message the same day you sign up for an account…there’s no equipment to wait for, no software to download and no IT staff required.

  • Contact information is easily updated and maintained. All of your contacts through Alerts Made Easy are able to log in and update their own phone number, email address, and preference for contact.

  • Affordable for even the smallest budgets. Alerts Made Easy offers extremely affordable pricing with an immediate return on investment after your very first alert is dispatched.

  • Various options available for account access. You don’t need one more task to worry about, so with Alerts Made Easy, you can give access to other employees to communicate with your team. Maybe you want your administrative assistant to be able to communicate with your clients on your behalf, or perhaps your leadership team needs access to corporate communication; these customizations can all be maintained within your account dashboard.

  • Reliable cloud-based service. Alerts Made Easy functions independent of your company’s IT network, so if your corporate email program or web services are inoperable, you will still be able to communicate through AME.

  • Powerful system to handle any size of company. We can customize our system for your audience, whether that means communicating with 50 to 5,000 people.

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