FAQs | Alerts Made Easy

Q. How quickly can I send out a message after registering with Alerts Made Easy? 

A. Your first alert can be sent within seconds from almost any web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

Q. How many alerts can I send out with my account?

A. All Alerts Made Easy plans offer unlimited, non-marketing alerts. Examples of these types of alerts include meeting deadline reminders, event invites, weather-related closings, team updates, security alerts, and other corporate communications.

Q: Can I send alerts from my phone?

A: Yes. Our responsive, mobile-friendly design allows you to easily and quickly log in from any device to send out your alert.

Q. Am I able to build custom groups and assign contacts to those groups?

A. Yes, you have the ability to set up unlimited recipient groups and select contacts for each of your groups.

Q: Can my contacts choose how they want to receive information? 

A: With Alerts Made Easy, you have complete control of your account. If you allow your contacts access to log in, they can update their own profile, contact information and communication preferences. If you do not allow them login rights, then you can retain complete control of their contact information.

Q: What methods do you offer for collecting contact information as I build my account?

A: We offer multiple ways to build your alerts contact database. You can send your contacts a dedicated link where they can register themselves or you can manually enter the information through your dashboard. Need help adding contacts into your database? If you send us a spreadsheet of your contacts, our team is happy to help load your database on your behalf.

Q: How does your pricing structure work?

A: Our pricing is simple and based on the number of contacts you have in your account. You can add or remove contacts to adjust your account pricing at anytime.

Q: I'd like to know when and if my messages are sent successfully. Will my account have this data available?

A: Our system will notify you upon each successful alert dispatch. You will also have access to history reports from your account dashboard. Due to the third party networks and the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee 100% receipt once it has been successfully dispatched from our system.

Q: What happens if I have trouble sending a message?

A: We offer free help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Response time on support requests are typically less than one hour during business hours. For online support, click here to submit a help request.