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How Our Communication Alert System Works

Alerts Made Easy is the leading solution for web-based dispatch notifications within our four-in-one system of text, phone, email and web. With our user-friendly interface, we help you streamline your communication efforts for both routine and emergency needs.

When you sign up for Alerts Made Easy, you’ll be given access to a secure dashboard through which all communication is coordinated.

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To utilize Alerts Made Easy:

  1. You compose a message to be distributed. You can craft alerts in real time or schedule them for future dispatch. Templates may also be created for recurring messages or for disaster preparedness. 

  2. You choose who receives your alert. You can build custom recipient groups, from employees of your company to specific customers. 

  3. Your message is distributed immediately through voice calls, SMS texts, email and web, reaching every member of your intended audience with a single click. Regardless of where your contacts are located, your alerts will be delivered almost instantly. 

  4. Alerts Made Easy provides reports from each of your messages, compiled into your dashboard for easy viewing and analysis. 

Sending a notification is not limited to words. You also have the ability to add an attachment to your message. From an upcoming work schedule to a web link, you can attach documents and URLs to any of your alerts. AME’s unique features allow you to share messaging responsibility with other members of your staff. You can customize access for anyone on your team so you can delegate your company’s communication as needed.

The top-level security of Alerts Made Easy safeguards the information of you and your contacts, and with servers located in a tier IV Data Center in Omaha, Nebraska, Alerts Made Easy avoids any natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and power shortages that render other datacenters ineffective.

Through Alerts Made Easy, you can be assured that connection and communication remains open with the people who rely on you.

Having our disaster recovery solution in place for your communications will minimize potential risks and losses and get you through the incident with minimal impact.

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