Internal Alert Solution | Alerts Made Easy

4-in-1 Messaging

That Works for Your Organization Needs

Every second counts in an emergency.

When your employees and customers depend on you to keep them safe, rapid access to information is critical. Alerts Made Easy provides enterprise-class emergency communication to organizations like yours with an original 4-in-1 messaging tool that delivers an automated phone call, email, text message and web notification to your audiences.

As the flagship alert and mass communication system nationwide, Alerts Made Easy has been developed and structured according to the custom needs of businesses, organizations, government entities and individuals.

Alerts Made Easy is a safety solution that integrates seamlessly into your corporate emergency strategy. With our disaster recovery solution in place for your communications, Alerts Made Easy minimizes your potential risks and losses and helps you through the incidents that inevitably arise with minimal negative impact. Alerts Made Easy is also compliant with federal regulations that mandate an emergency communication system within certain industries.

Company outreach is not only essential in times of crisis. Keeping the lines of communication open with both your employees and your clients is a driving force of your business, and knowing that you have a communications plan in place instills trust and confidence that your customers have for your business, facility or organization.

When you need an immediate response, Alerts Made Easy is your safety solution in every situation.


  All-In-One Plan
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Text Message Unlimited
Email Unlimited
Web Alerts Unlimited
Voice Call Unlimited
Smart Interactive Alerts Unlimited

Text Message

Send unlimited text message to any mobile device. Up to 500 characters per message. 

Web Alerts

Update a weblink and share the URL with any device. Unlimited characters. 


Encourage 2-way messaging with your audience. Encourage text/email responses, poll your audience for quick voting, troubleshoot questions on the fly.


Send an unlimited amount of emails with Alerts Made Easy. 

Voice Call

Type your message and upon pickup, the voice automation feature will transfer the audio-translated message. Repeating of message assures that a voicemail message will be left for those who do not answer. Works on both landlines and mobile devices.