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Why an
Alert System?

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It's often not until the unexpected occurs that we realize how critical the need is for an efficient communication system. If effective communication is lost, your staff and clients lose their trust and confidence in you.

It could be an emergency event, an essential update for your clients, or an important message that needs to be relayed to your employees. Whatever it is, you don’t have the time and resources to waste scrolling through employee email lists and compiling client phone numbers.

By combining four powerful systems in one to distribute your message via voice call, text, web and email, Alerts Made Easy enables you to engage or alert your company and your customers in just a few simple steps…saving you time, money and aggravation in the process. AME’s platform offers not only peace of mind, but also access to your connections in all situations.


Emergency Notification
Fast messaging matters most in an urgent situation. Your ability to send an immediate alert to your employees or customers may mean the difference between losing a building, equipment and other valuable assets, or even life and death. When people are relying on you to keep them safe, being proactive with your response plan is essential.

Routine Messaging
We know that not all communication needs are critical. Our clients rely on our system to dispatch any type of consistent messaging. You have the ability to send messages in real time or schedule alerts for the future, as well as create time-saving templates that align with your company’s emergency preparedness plan.

Employee Communication and Interaction
Alerts Made Easy unifies you with your team. Your employees gain confidence in your leadership because of open communication, and Alerts Made Easy encourages connection and collaboration. With AME, message recipients also have the ability to respond to alerts, and responses are compiled in a report within your dashboard.

Alerts Made Easy’s continuity software offers a comprehensive resource to manage all ongoing communication, from alerts about business disruptions to crisis response. With a timely, reliable communication strategy, you can protect the people you care about most.


Having our disaster recovery solution in place for your communications will minimize potential risks and losses and get you through the incident with minimal impact.

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