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Founded in 2008, Alerts Made Easy (AME) supports businesses like yours with an innovative approach to time-sensitive communication — a web-based notification dispatch system sending simultaneous text, voice and email messages to employees, students, patients, customers and any other audience you want to reach.

Headquartered in Illinois, Alerts Made Easy has become a recognized leader in providing enterprise-class, emergency communication systems to industries nationwide in both public and private sectors. From educational institutions to businesses to government entities, Alerts Made Easy empowers you with a simple yet efficient tool to manage all communication needs.

As a leading provider of business continuity services, we understand the communication needs of large enterprise clients to small group systems, and we customize our services to offer you solutions that save your business time, money and resources. At Alerts Made Easy, we keep you connected with the people you care about most.

Having our disaster recovery solution in place for your communications will minimize potential risks and losses and get you through the incident with minimal impact.

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